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U.S. Officials Increase Expulsions of Haitian Migrants

 Posted on June 15, 2022 in Immigration

FL immigration lawyerDue to ongoing political turmoil in Haiti, many of the country’s citizens have attempted to come to the United States, where they will have a better opportunity of living in a safe environment and earning an income to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, U.S. officials have responded to this wave of migration harshly and forced many people to return to Haiti. This has left a large number of migrants with few options, but those who are facing expulsion or deportation can take steps to protect their rights by working with an immigration attorney.

Reasons for Additional Expulsions of Immigrants From Haiti

In 2020, the administration of President Donald Trump put a rule in place that allowed for the expulsion of immigrants entering the United States. This rule, known as Title 42, made it easier for immigration officials to force people to leave the country, since it did not require them to follow many of the standard procedures, and in many cases, immigrants have been prevented from applying for asylum or being recognized as refugees.

Title 42 was supposedly put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Trump administration stated that it was meant to help prevent infections from being spread by immigrants. While health officials have stated that this rule is no longer necessary, and the administration of President Joe Biden has announced that it intends to lift the rule, a recent ruling by a federal judge in Louisiana has kept the rule in place.

Under Title 42, immigration officials performed tens of thousands of expulsions. However, they have encountered some difficulties when sending immigrants back to certain countries. While some immigrants may be sent across the border to Mexico, that country is currently only accepting people who originally came from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and in some cases, Cuba or Nicaragua. Other immigrants must be put on flights back to their home countries. While diplomatic relations with countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela prevent the U.S. from returning immigrants to these countries, U.S. officials have been able to send a large number of flights to Haiti due to ongoing political instability in the country.

Since September of 2021, more than 25,000 Haitians have been expelled from the United States, and the number of expulsions increased in May of 2022, with nearly 4,000 people being sent back to Haiti. This has placed many people and families at risk due to ongoing violence in the country following the assassination of its president in 2021, as well as infrastructure problems following a major earthquake. The Biden administration has made some attempts to protect Haitian immigrants, including granting Temporary Protected Status that will allow some to prevent deportation. However, expulsions under Title 42 do not require immigration officials to go through the deportation process, and this has forced many Haitians who have sought a better life in the United States to be forced to return to a dangerous situation.

Contact Our Orange County Immigration and Asylum Lawyer

While immigrants attempting to enter the U.S. after leaving Haiti may face a number of difficulties, they may have options that will allow them to protect their safety. Vasquez Law Firm, PLLC can provide representation for those who are seeking asylum or who are looking to prevent expulsion or deportation, and we will help families explore their options and determine how they can enter or remain in the United States. To get legal help and representation throughout the immigration process, contact our Orlando deportation defense attorney at 407-955-5000 and set up a complimentary consultation.




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