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Orlando Immigration Lawyers

Attorneys for Family-Based Visas, Deportation Defense, and Green Cards in Orange County, FL

Whether you are looking to enter the United States for the first time or wish to bring your loved ones to the country to live near you and pursue employment, education, and other opportunities, you will need to meet a wide variety of legal requirements. Understanding the issues that you will need to address, the forms you will need to fill out, and the documents that you will need to submit can be a complex matter, but you can determine the best ways to achieve success by working with an experienced attorney.

At the Vasquez Law Firm, PLLC, we know how important it can be to make sure families will be able to live together in a safe environment without uncertainty about their legal status. We provide legal help throughout the immigration process, ensuring that our clients follow the correct procedures and respond correctly to any requests or issues that could affect their status. We have over 35 years of combined legal experience, and we provide immigrants with the representation they need to address any issues that affect them. To arrange a free consultation, contact our Orlando law office today at 407-955-5000.

Practice Areas

We work to ensure that our clients are fully prepared to address any issues related to immigration that they may encounter. This includes assisting with visa applications to ensure that family members will have the authorization to enter the United States, as well as helping them receive the authorization to work while in the U.S. and maintain legal status as permanent residents. We also assist with applications for citizenship and defense against deportation.


While there are many reasons that immigrants seek entry to the United States, the most common way that they can receive approval to enter and live in the country is through sponsorship by a family member in the U.S. We work with our clients to help them understand their options for family-based immigration, and we ensure that sponsoring family members meet the requirements to show that they will be able to support their loved ones. We also provide assistance to those who will be immigrating, ensuring that they submit all of the required forms and documentation.

In many cases, receiving authorization to enter the United States is only the first step in the immigration process. We work with families to address their needs at all stages of this process, ensuring that they can receive Green Cards recognizing them as lawful permanent residents and helping them apply for U.S. citizenship once they become eligible. We also help immigrants understand their options for defense against deportation, and we work to ensure that a family will not be disrupted by the removal of an immigrant from the United States.

Types of Family Visas

The availability of family-based immigration visas and the waiting period before a person can receive a visa will depend on the relationships between family members and whether the sponsor is a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder. We work with families to help them understand the types of visas they qualify for, and we ensure that they meet all requirements when applying for these visas.

The Visa Process

The process of applying for an immigrant visa begins when a sponsoring family member files a petition on behalf of a foreign relative. The sponsor will also need to file an Affidavit of Support, which will show that they have the financial means to provide for all family members who will be immigrating to the U.S. Those who will be immigrating will need to provide the required documents to verify their identity and legal status, and they will also need to receive a medical examination and the required vaccinations.

Green Cards

After entering the United States, a family member may receive a Green Card that gives them the status of lawful permanent resident, ensuring that they can remain in the country for the foreseeable future. We can ensure that immigrants meet the requirements to receive Green Cards. We can also assist with an adjustment of status for those who are currently residing in the U.S., allowing them to continue living in the country without the need to leave and reapply for entry.

Green Cards
  • I received a speeding ticket in NC but I live in Florida. The Vasquez Law Firm did an outstanding job of helping me understand the process, representing me, and communicating with me. Great people! Great results! They made this a painless (actually enjoyable) experience. Rates are VERY reasonable.

    - Maggie Zak

  • I would like to thank everyone in Vasquez law firm for assisting me in my immigration case. From front office to back office every staff member here are very kind, helpful, professional and honest. They really take care of my case and help me to win it at very reasonable price. Thanks alot.

    - Aditya R.

  • I was extremely pleased with the service provided by Mr. Vasquez. With his help, I had the best possible outcome for my case, and I didn't even have to appear in court. While this was a pretty straightforward case (speeding ticket), I would trust Mr. Vasquez with all my legal needs.

    - Satisfied Client

  • Was very honest and kept me well informed on my case. Will defineatly be using Mr. Vasquez again if the need should arise. Was also very reasonable on his rate and upfront with his pricing and cheaper than most other lawyers i talked to with the results i needed and much appreciated.

    - Ronnie

Deportation and Removal Defense

We work to help immigrants address any issues that may affect their ability to continue living in the United States, including situations involving criminal convictions. For those who have been detained by immigration officials, we provide representation in immigration bond hearings, which may allow for their release while their case is ongoing. We also help immigrants determine whether they qualify for waivers of inadmissibility or protections under programs such as DACA or the Violence Against Women Act.

Deportation and Removal Defense

Traffic Offenses

In addition to providing representation in immigration matters, we help our clients address and defend against traffic violations, including speeding tickets or more serious offenses such as reckless driving or leaving the scene of a car accident. We help drivers avoid consequences that could lead to the suspension of their driver's license, and we work to ensure that these matters can be resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

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