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Changes to Immigration Policies May Affect Asylum Cases

 Posted on April 05, 2022 in Immigration

Orlando immigration lawyerThere are many reasons why people from other countries may plan to come to the United States to ensure that they can remain safe from harm. Those who believe that they are in danger of persecution or who have a credible belief that they will be harmed or killed may apply for asylum after they enter the U.S., which will provide them with protection from deportation. In recent years, many immigrants have struggled to receive asylum protections, but new changes to immigration rules and policies may make this process easier and ensure that immigrants can receive the protections they need.

Biden Administration Plans to Lift Public Health Order Affecting Asylum Cases

During the administration of President Donald Trump, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) implemented a public health order known as Title 42. This order took effect in March of 2020, and it was meant to prevent the possibility of COVID-19 infections being spread by immigrants entering the United States. Under this order, immigration officials were allowed to expel undocumented immigrants without the requirement to follow standard procedures, even in cases where immigrants were seeking asylum. 

The administration of President Joe Biden has kept Title 42 in place, and since this rule was implemented, around 1.7 million people have been deported. However, the Biden administration has announced that it plans to lift Title 42. Officials believe that this rule is no longer necessary to protect public health. Following this change, more migrants will be able to enter the United States and apply for asylum.

Additional Changes to the Asylum Process

The Biden administration has also announced that it plans to implement a new policy that will make the process of applying for asylum easier and allow immigrants to complete this process more quickly. Under the new policy, some immigrants will be able to have asylum claims handled by asylum officers rather than waiting until their cases can be heard by a judge in immigration court. Some who are seeking asylum may also be released on parole during their cases rather than being held in confinement. 

The administration’s stated goal is for people to be able to complete the asylum process in around six months. Currently, the average amount of time for an asylum case is five years. With this new policy in place, more people who have a credible fear of being harmed if they are required to return to their home countries will be able to receive the necessary protections.

Contact Our Orange County Asylum Attorney

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